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  • Step change your interview performance
  • Reduce your nerves, stress and anxiety
  • Practice all the tough interview questions in advance
  • Articulate your best strengths and achievements with confidence
  • Created by experts with over 1,000 interviews as hiring manager

What you get

8 In-depth modules covering essential skills and interview preparation (video lessons and exercises plus supporting PDF documentation)

One hour Coaching Session via video call with Jess Coles, a professionally trained coach (ICF) with over 1,000 interviews as a hiring manager

Over 100 tough interview questions explained, with structure answers and examples for Junior to Senior managers

The tried and tested Acing Interview Programme, used to get management positions in top tier companies such as

Acing Interviews Programme

60-Day Risk Free Guarantee – get a full refund within 60 days no questions asked. Plenty of time to complete the course!

Ongoing support via email and phone from our team

Five Stage Acing Interviews Programme
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Total Payment

How to ACE an Interview       £449.00

with 1-to-1 coaching


Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about us.



“I am genuinely really impressed with your Interview Question Bank. It is a great resource and really helpful in answering those tough interview questions that managers often get asked. I would recommend any manager, junior to senior, to make use of it before starting to interview.



Taking How to ACE an Interview has opened my eyes to how to prepare for management interviews. I know what I need to do to beat the competition and get my next management role.

The course is brilliant, a great investment and will hugely help me get my next position. I have already told my friends about it”