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Job winning interview answers

Professional and original answers to over 100 difficult interview questions

What you'll get

Clear understanding of what the interviewer is asking with each question

Example answers – for Junior Managers and Senior Managers

Multi-choice quiz to check your understanding of what the interviewer is asking with each question. The questions change each time you take the quiz.

A difficult question not in the bank – email us and we will get a suggested answer to you.

Cancel membership at any point through your account page

Secured payments

Total Payment

Interview Question Bank = £10.00

Paid each month in advance


Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about our Interview Question Bank.



“I am genuinely really impressed with your Interview Question Bank. It is a great resource and really helpful in answering those tough interview questions that managers often get asked. I would recommend any manager, junior to senior, to make use of it before starting to interview.

Nathalie<br>Senior Manager

Senior Manager

“The interview question bank is a gem and incredibly useful. Something I will make sure to review before every single interview to sharpen my answers